Frequently Asked Questions

An overview of Menusforlife, how to use our menu plan, your questions answered, and more.

Yes. Always, we have a passion for nutrition and health and our aim is simply to share that passion with others.
Yes. Our site is in its infancy and we will be adding more and more recipes as valuations are undertaken. If you would like to be notified of any new recipes, you can join our menusforlife e-club to receive all our latest news straight to your inbox. You can sign up at the bottom of each page free of charge.
Not currently, but this is something we plan to do in the future. Our aim is for people who use the site to be able to submit their favourite meals for valuation and for us to add those to our site that meet our criteria.
Respected international bodies now say there is a definite link between eating processed meat and cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund advises we are better to avoid processed meats as much as possible and Mfl menus follow that guidance.
We have carefully considered all food items used in our recipes. By looking at calorie & nutrient values, & making the right choices, it is possible to save lots of calories & nutrients without compromising on quality & taste, without changing the amount we eat & without ditching the foods we love. It was quite an eye opener as we expected that we could make some savvy swaps of food items, but we never realised there could be so much variation within different brands of the same products. It may not matter if you use something different, but we couldn’t guarantee that it would meet our designated values. One thing I would stick to though is 5% Mince. If you buy lean mince which is 10, 12% or higher, they will all be much higher in calories and fats.
Eating 7 a day is known to be even better. The government has kept its advice to eat at least 5 a day though as many people struggle to achieve the 5 a day and it would be of huge benefit if this could be achieved.
No. Many of the recipes are the most common meals that people make on a daily basis. We just want them to be part of everyday normal living, not recipes that are hard or elaborate, but with the knowledge that we are making the right choices most of the time.