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Sugar and cancer – what you need to know

Simple, healthy habits for a whole new you

Nutrition and Covid-19

Easy, affordable and healthy eating tips during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

A balanced diet for women

Healthy diet means a healthy planet, study shows

Bacon, salami and sausages: how does processed meat cause cancer and how much matters?

Western diet now killing more than smoking and high blood pressure, study suggests

The diets cutting one in five lives short every year

Incidence of obesity-related cancers is rising in younger adults

Dietary fat is good? Dietary fat is bad? Coming to consensus

More than 2,500 cancer cases a week could be avoided

Weekly fish consumption linked to better sleep, higher IQ

Eating more wholegrains decreases risk of bowel cancer

'Fat but fit' are at increased risk of heart disease

Just one alcoholic drink a day increases breast cancer risk, our report reveals

Mediterranean diet linked to lower risk of one type of breast cancer

Few foods on track to meet salt reduction targets, survey reveals

'Avoid fads and stick to diet guidelines,' say US heart experts

Eating more fruits and vegetables may prevent millions of premature deaths

Whole-Grain Foods May Help You Stay Slim

Prioritize Your Health Instead of Hibernating

Mediterranean diet may have lasting effects on brain health

Yo-Yo dieting dangerous

Men with high genetic chance of bowel cancer could have lower risk with healthy lifestyles

Diabetes: can you really eat to beat it?

Mediterranean diet better for the heart than statins study suggests

Want a better memory? Try eating a Mediterranean diet

Can tomatoes help prevent cancer?

To Live Longer, Study Suggests Getting Your Protein From Plants, Not Meat

Reducing Sugars in our Diet

Oily fish may reduce risk of death from bowel cancer, study suggests

Why artificial sweeteners can increase appetite

Fruit and veggies give you the feel-good factor

Eating more saturated fats raises risk of early death, says US study

Higher consumption of unsaturated fats linked with lower mortality rates

Broccoli compounds may help combat chronic diseases

Scientists discover on/off switch for obesity-associated cancer

Healthy plant-based diet linked with substantially lower type 2 diabetes risk

Could weight loss and exercise improve cancer survival chances?

The Big Fruitea Party

Prostate Cancer linked to waist size


New website now live

Public Health England: Advice to eat more fat 'irresponsible'

Report attacks official guidance on low-fat diets

Healthier lifestyles 'could cut cancer death rates'

The truth about low-fat foods

BBC to drop online recipes as part of slimmed-down website

Public Health England Release New Eatwell Guide

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